Friday, 2 November 2012

How To Give An Oracle Card Reading

What are Oracle Cards.

Oracle Cards are card decks which are used to gain insight into a persons life. Oracle Cards are used as an instrument to gain knowledge about a persons live. There are numerous different card decks on the market ranging from Angel cards, cards depicting Gods and Goddesses, mythological creatures to healing cards.

How do Oracle Cards work

Oracle cards simply tune into a persons energy field and, sub consciously the person will pick the cards that will answer the questions being asked.
Which Oracle Card should I choose.
There are thousands of different designs of Oracle Cards to choose and many have different themes. Some depict Native American culture while others have Angelic themes. Pick a theme that appeals to you. It could be a theme you have an interest in for personal or religious reasons. Which every deck you choose they can help give you insight into life pressing issues.

Get to know your cards.

First get to know your Oracle Cards. Shuffle them, look at each card. This will help you familiarise yourself with your cards and get to know the individual deck you are using. Most decks come supplied with a guide booklet giving you a basic out line of each cards meaning and an introduction to Oracle Card reading. Look at the designs of each card and let them link with your intuition. What does your intuition tell you about the card? What does the design of the individual card say to you? What ever your intuition is telling you about the card, that is the message the card is giving you.

How Do I give an Oracle Card reading.

First pick up your cards. They may have energy from the manufacturing process of the cards or they may have energy from the last person who handled them. To clear this energy simply hold the deck in you non dominant hand, this will be your left hand if you are right handed. Knock the cards 3 times with you dominant hand, this will be your right hand if your are right handed. Your energy will now be within the cards. You can use the cards in various spreads which appear in many books teaching about Oracle card reading. You can ask the cards for an answer to a question and the cards can give you a single card message. To do this clear the cards of any previous energy and shuffle the deck. As you are shuffling ask the cards a question. Sometimes cards jump out of the deck while they are being shuffled, choose these cards as they wish to be read. When you feel ready to stop shuffling stop and pick the top card from the deck. If a card has jumped out from the deck then use this card as it wishes to be picked. This card should hold the answer to your question.

Another popular method for Oracle Card reading is the three card spread. Think of a question you would like answered and shuffle the deck as above. Take the top three cards from the deck and place them in a row. The card on the left represents the past or the cause of your current problem. The centre card represents the present or the course of action to be taken. The right hand card represents the future or likely outcome.

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